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Lisa Angelini MAPC, LPC, ACHT (she/her)

This is a rare opportunity to participate in a retreat facilitated by Lisa Angelini, an American licensed holistic psychotherapist and life coach with 18 years of experience, which she expertly weaves into her energy practice and spiritual teaching. She has worked at some of the leading mental health facilities in the world and has served celebrity clientele as well as the homeless.

Lisa’s passion is empowering others to release the inauthentic patterns that keep them from realizing their true self-worth, gifts, talents, joy, and life-purpose. Through her own spiritual journey, she learned the value of utilizing her inherent feminine energy, both gentle and strong, to break through behavioral barriers and connect with the divine essence within. She feels an undeniable calling to assist others in clearly recognizing and accessing their own energy and wisdom for a deep healing experience that can be used again and again.

With a unique combination of directness and sensitivity, compassion and humor, Lisa weaves her formal training as a Psychotherapist with her knowledge of Shamanic universal wisdom, creating a profound experiential process to unlock the power of the subconscious mind for healing and change. Lisa has the ability to help you re-connect to your divine self, releasing blocks that no longer serve you and replacing them with effective strategies to tap into your spirit and move forward confidently along life’s path.