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Wellness Retreat in Scotland:
Hosted at the Historical Neidpath Castle

Treat yourself like Royalty and become your own Valentine

Love. Gratitude. Romance. February brings up these themes with Valentine’s Day – however you feel about the day, it’s a historical celebration of love.

Whether happily coupled, single, or anything in between, your most important Valentine is YOU. When was the last time you celebrated all the love in your life, including for yourself?

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What will you get from this group retreat in Scotland?

Alongside feeling what’s right for you to connect your mind, body, and soul, we will work on loving ourselves, in any form we take. Throughout, you will experience a range of things to support this journey, including:

Connection to yourself:

Get time dedicated to yourself but in the presence of others, so you can see yourself from a different perspective. Learn to love who you are without exceptions, feeling pampered and looked after.

Gratitude and love:

This retreat will give you a new approach to feeling grateful for life and its joy, as love comes in many forms. Explore what love means to you.

Reflection and emotions:

Reflect on the past, on where you are today, and tune into your emotions. When you’re aware of your emotions, you can start to understand how to be kinder to yourself in the future.

Spirituality your way:

The retreat emphasises your spiritual journey without pushing a specific agenda or belief. The focus is to discover what works best for you to love yourself from within.

Immerse yourself in nature:

Scotland and its rich history serve as a backdrop, tying into themes of ancestry, folklore, and nature. We’ll be exploring the natural world through practical, hands-on scenarios to unleash your creative free spirit.

Learning and growth:

From understanding the nature of your emotions to embracing practices to enjoy the present, the retreat is focused on taking you on a journey of personal growth and enlightenment. Finally, learn to love yourself as you are.

What happens during the luxury wellness retreat in Scotland?

There will be a mix of practices and activities everyone can benefit from, all focused on finding ways to use your wellness and spirituality for a more love-filled life ‒

Labyrinth walks

Unlike a maze, a labyrinth only has one path to the centre. Rather than worrying about making decisions, physically walking on a single path can help your mind untangle things that have been puzzling you within. It allows you to trust you will go on the journey you’re meant to, avoiding the feeling of wrong turns.

Sound baths

The term sound bath refers to immersing yourself in curated sounds and their vibrations (not in a literal bath). You’ll be lying on blankets and listening to the mesmerising, soothing noise of the sound bowls and other percussion instruments. Proven to lower your resting heart rate, this is a great way to reach a state of deep relaxation.

Creative activities

Focusing on the natural world as our muse, you will do a hands-on task. The benefits of making and crafting are huge, yet many of us feel we don’t have the time to fit it into our busy schedules or worry too much about it being ‘good’. It will come with no pressure to create something beautiful – it’s to simply experience the art of creating as an act of love for yourself.

The entrance to a tree tunnel over a gravel road in Scotland, United Kingdom

Japanese Shinrin-yoku (forest bathing)

Within the lush grounds of Neidpath Castle, we will explore the Ecotherapy practice of nature bathing, which is based on Japanese Shinrin-yoku (forest bathing). Exploring your senses outside strengthens your relationship with yourself. It also has many health advantages such as lowering stress, improving human immunity, and improving your mood.

Group circle discussions

To deliver the session content, we will get together in group circles. There will also be the opportunity for smaller, more intimate breakout groups to discuss your thoughts and learn from each other.

Still unsure? This spiritual retreat is perfect if you’re…

Wanting some guilt-free time to work on you

(without day-to-day distractions)

Seeking a better version of yourself

so you move forward with love

Interested in Scottish history

and surrounding natural beauty

Open-minded about spirituality

and alternative therapies

Currently feeling unworthy

of living a happy, fulfilled life

Ready to pamper yourself

and feel like royalty

Looking to love yourself unconditionally

Or maybe you’re curious and want to try something new…

No matter your reason for booking this retreat, you will be welcomed with open arms.

But this retreat isn’t for you if you…

Don’t want to take part in group work and prefer one-to-one

Have already nailed gratitude for life and self-love practices

Aren’t interested in spending time in a historic Scottish castle