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Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the fear of change. If you have had enough of your status quo, leave your fears behind, step onto a new path, and start walking purposefully towards your future with the labyrinth.

What is a labyrinth?

Labyrinths are winding archetypal patterns that have been recorded for over 4,000 years. While “labyrinth” and “maze” are often used interchangeably in common language, mazes are puzzles that require active concentration to solve, in contrast to labyrinths, which require no choices to follow the path to the centre and back out again.

How can that help me?

The contemporary revival of interest in labyrinths has centred around their use in contemplative practices. Following the path of a labyrinth provides an alternative to sitting still and attempting to empty the mind by thoughts alone. The movement of the winding path provides something to passively occupy the mind to facilitate internal stillness. (Especially for those of us who have difficulty even just sitting still!) This helps us move from our mundane awareness to a different way of looking at ourselves and the world around us.

What is labyrinth facilitation?

As a Veriditas Advanced Labyrinth Facilitator, I can introduce the labyrinth to those who are new to it, and I can help experienced labyrinth-walkers enrich their practice. I can provide guidance for those who are seeking it, hold space for the walk, and help process the experience with tools for self-exploration and expression, individually or in group settings.